Archaeological escorted tours in Europe and Balkans

Our Archaeological escorted tours in Europe and Balkan tours are led by a renowned expert guides who reveals the secrets and solves the mysteries of the sites we explore.
Aurora Maris Travel profesionals works with archaeologists, educators, museum staff, and other specialists to provide educational and inspiring experience on our archaeological tours throughout Europe and Balkans.

Our groups experience a wide range of journeys to countries where the boundaries of archaeological and historical knowledge are being tested and pushed ever outward.

Our Archaeologiacal tours take you from Athens through to Rome and Sicily most famous archaeological sights, as well as to the less-visited areas of Balkan region. Here are just some of Europe and Balkan Archaeological tours highlights:

Arena in Pula, Salona and Diocletian palace ( Croatia)
Sirmium and Viminacium archaeological site, Felix Romuliana Gamzigrad (Serbia)
Stobi , Kokino Megalithic Opservatory ( Macedonia )
Appolonia, Byllis archaeological sight , Amantia and Oricum Archaelogical park ( Albania )
Preslav Historical and architectural Reserve, Shoumen Fortress archaeological sight ( Bulgaria )
Mediana and Red Rock archeological sights ( Montenegro)

Every Archaeological tour is especially planned around specific historical, archaeological and cultural themes, rather than superficial ‘panoramic’ tours, and include more unusual elements such as:

Private or out-of-hours-visits
Meetings with curators
Exclusive guest lectures
Visits to lesser-known archaeological sights
Accommodation is carefully chosen hotels with local character and charme
Sociable and convivial evenings
Sampling local wines and food in authentic restaurant

Whatever destination in Balkan or Europe you choose for your Archaeological tour, we will be glad to provide extraordinary experience and memorable journey. Whatever your special request is, we will even make the unusual possible.

Please contact our travel consultant and start planning  Archaeological tour in Europe, Balkans and Mediterranean for your group.