luxury danube river cruises

Luxury Danube River Cruises – luxury cruising holidays in Europe

Luxury Danube river cruises  create a opportunity to visit European stunning capitals such as Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, on the unique way. Danube is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Flowing through the heart of  Europe (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania) , the Danube River is one of the world’s most romantic and scenic waterways.


Luxury  River cruises on the Danube operate all year round.  Although the European summer months are the great time to take a Danube River cruise, winter Danube cruises (Christmas market Danube cruises, New Year cruise on Danube) give you a different perspective and opportunity to experience the world’s most romantic and scenic waterways.


Cruising Danube river on board a luxury  ship is the best way to discover Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, while enjoying top tier services and facilities of a luxury floating hotel.  Our Danube river luxury cruising represent an ideal combination of Danube cruise and land tours. Pre-cruise and after-cruise program, as well as excursions at each port you pass through, are prepared with respect to introduce the highlights of every city.


Sail the blue Danube on a luxury river cruise ship, relax on board and enjoy the serenity and convenience of a luxury floating hotel on your European vacation.

Danube river luxury cruises

New Year’s Danube Cruise

Celebrate the start of New Year 2020 on a luxury Danube cruise visiting the capital cities of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Enjoy Sylvester Gala program on board in Budapest.

Christmas markets Danube river cruise

Enjoy Advent Danube cruise from Vienna to Nuremberg, and visit the very best Christmas markets in Germany and Austria.Celebrate the holiday season with centuries-old traditions and new style.