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Special interest tours  – Themed tours in Europe and Balkans

Our special interest tours in Europe – themed escorted tours  are tailor made tours and focused on your special interests, hobbies or passions in life.

To meet the needs and interests of different travelers, we designed a spectrum of special interest escorted tours in Europe covering a wide range of themes: Art, History, Archaeology, Gastronomy ,Religion, Folklore festivals, Golf, Hunting, Diving Tours.. Each themed escorted tour is especially planned around distinct themes, rather than superficial panoramic tours, and includes more unusual elements such as:

  • Private visits of museums or out-of-hours-visits
  • Exclusive guest lectures
  • Visits to lesser-known sights
  • Accommodation in hotel of your choice
  • Nature and local culture experience
  • Workshops and classes around specific theme

Themed Escorted Tours in Europe, Mediterranean and Balkans

Travel with a group of like-minded companions, share discoveries and enjoy great memories. We would be pleased to customize Themed escorted tour in Europe for your group: Families and Friends, Church groups, Club members, Folklore ensembles and orchestras, Senior groups, Alumni groups, Corporate groups.
All our themed tours in Europe are tailor-made. The destinations, hotels and experiences are all individually selected to suit your personal journey. You can also combine visit in few countries and elements of various themes in one tour.


Let us design a customized themed tour in Europe  based on exactly what you’d like to experience!

Special interest tours in Europe:

Join one of our Themed Escorted Tours and discover Europe and Balkans in your own way!