Greece escorted tours – tailor made vacation

Our Greece escorted tours will take you through the wonders of Greek ancient sites and beauty of the Greek islands. Your tour escort will reveal the myths and legends that have inspired writers and travelers for millenniums.
Greek natural beauty, combined with remarkable archaeological treasures, make our Greece escorted tour a truly unique travel experience

You can choose a tour that shows you all the highlights of Greece, or fully escorted tour that stops in Greece en-route and then continues to explore Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary , Austria and more.

You can also combine one of our land escorted tours through Greece with Greek island cruise.
Whether your passion is for art and architecture, natural scenery, archaeology, wine and gastronomy your escorted tour of Greece and Greek island cruise will be truly memorable with us..


Luxury tailor made escorted tours in Greece – Suggested itinerary

Greece escorted tours

Greece Escorted Tours Highlights

From the grand ruins of the Acropolis and famous Parthenon in Athens, hanging monasteries of Meteora, ruins of Olympia, Oracle at Delphi to the natural majesty of Greek islands you will be able experience Greece with all your senses. Here are just few highlights which will make your Greek escorted tours memorable

Athens – Unique escorted tour experience

Visit Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities, the birthplace of Western civilization and democracy:
• Visit the Acropolis – most important ancient site in the Western worldgreece
• Experience the Agora- the heart of ancient Athens
• See the National Archaeological Museum and collection of Greek antiquities.
• Visit Benaki Museum Greece’s finest private museum
• Have a walk through Monastiraki Flea Market
• Enjoy the world’s largest  Planetarium
• Walk through the Plaka – oldest section of Athens
• Visit Daphni Monastery – museum and World Heritage Site
• Explore Kerameikois -historic cemetery with stunning monuments
• Experience Greek islands life on the Saronic Islands
• Learn about Temple of Olympian Zeus.
• Visit Theatre of Dionysos – oldest theatre in Greece
• Have a glass of famous greek drink uzo
• Taste Greek food in traditional tavern with music and traditional dance

Delphi – uniqie escorted tour experience

After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece. Delphi in ancient times was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met and the the place on earth where man was closest to God.

Monasteries of Meteora – Unique escorted tour experience

The impressive Byzantine monasteries are perched on top of enormous rock formations and this is quite a unique site and the most spectacular place to visit in Greece.

Olympia – birthplace of the Olympic Games

See the Olympic Stadium where the original games were first held, the athletes’ gymnasium, the ruins of temples and treasures dedicated to Zeus.

Epidaurus – unique escorted tour experience

Enjoy a guided tour around its evocative ruins, and see the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Sanctuary of Asklepios (the shrine to the Greek god of medicine) and the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the best preserved open-air theatre in Greece

Thessaloniki – unique escorted tour experience

Our tour will show you the best of this Byzantine metropolis. Visit the historic Arch of Galerius , Archaeological Museum and explore some of the city’s colourful markets and culinary highlights.

Greek Islands cruise

Cruise the Greek islands on one of the most luxurious yachts and enjoy beautiful beaches of Aegean Islands. Visit the stunning Mykonos, home to celebrities and jetsetters. Walk on the Street of Knights in Rhodes , learn more about myth of the Minotaur at Crete and marvel at the ancient archaeological site of Santorini.

Contact one our our travel specialist to help you create unique escorted tour in Greece, Greek island cruise or tour to another European destinations.

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