Expert Lectures

Expert lecturers are chosen for their companionability and communication skills as well as their education. Being professional academics, writers and curators, the nature of the information they supply is significantly different from that which tour guides usually provide.


Art and History tours – Europe and Balkan

Our Art and History tours take you to the most famous places and museums in Europe and Balkan to explore the art from the classics to ultra modern and culture in its various forms. These themed tours focus on a fascinating range of historical events and the political past.

Europe has almost unbelievable variety for art and history enthusiasts and connoisseurs :magnificent historical cities, fortresses, great castles, breathtaking cathedrals, art from prehistory to present day, an amazing array of architectural styles, ancient ports, contemporary cities and classical artwork of the Masters.

Aurora Maris Travel is specialized in Art and History educational tours throughout Europe and Balkans, each led by a renowned expert guides who reveals the secrets and solves the mysteries of the sites we explore.
Our groups experience a wide range of journeys to countries where the boundaries of art and historical knowledge are being tested and pushed ever outward.

Every tour is especially planned around distinct art,historical and cultural themes,rather than superficial ‘panoramic’ tours, and include more unusual elements such as:

Private or out-of-hours-visits
Meetings with curators
Exclusive guest lectures
Visits to lesser-known sights
Accommodation is carefully chosen hotels with local character and charme
Sociable and convivial evenings
Sampling local wines and food in authentic restaurant

Whatever destination in Europe and Balkan you choose for your Art and History tour, we will be glad to provide extraordinary experience and memorable journey. Whatever your special request is, we will even make the unusual possible.